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frogShark frogShark

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hey Pal NBad But On The Other Hand...

the bullets dont fire when you are facing left, they miss the targets because they jump at 30 ish pixel intervals and miss due to the low framerate(i presume its at the default 12 fps) and when you complete the game and play again the music plays over itself, fair enough stereo music is teh boi and what not, but after 3+ playthroughs its like a total eardestroyer. Improvements to make: bullets fire left, music ends after one playthrough to stop the snowballing effect, and make bullet/fish collision more reliable.

Verdict: as a first ever submission its like, just. So. AMAZING. brofists and handshakes all round hope that was helpful ma peeps.

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Lochymacleod responds:

you think i dont know all this stuff?? haha